There are three weeks until Valentines' Day.  Please have your child make a Valentine Box for the party.  The box can be made out of any box cereal, tissue, cigar, milk carton, 3-liter bottle, anything!)  It may be decorated with anything paper, lace, fabric, stickers, glitter,etc.) If you need paper, let me know and I will send it home.      ***In the past, some students have gotten very creative    and have made their boxes resemble objects. alligator, piggy bank, U.S. mailbox)

Please send the Valentine Box Feb. 11-14.


January 30 we will celebrate the 100th Day of school.

January 28-Feb. 1 begin planning the Valentine Box.


February 4-14 make the Valentine Boxes at home.

February 11-14 bring the Valentine Box to school.

February 14 is the Valentine Party.  We will make ice cream sundaes!

February 25-28 we will be taking the standardized test.


March 18-21 is Spring Break

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