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Reading: Our story this week is The Empty Pot. Take-home reader for this week is: Silly Riddles. Please have your child read this book Thursday night, sign it, and return it to school Friday. 

Vocabulary words for this week are:

admire—to approve or respect

ashamed-to feel upset or guilty because one has done something wrong or has failed

courage-the strength to overcome fear

successora person who comes next

swarmed—to move in a large group


Please help your child study and learn these vocabulary words.  The boys and girls just need to have an understanding of the meaning of each word.  They will not have to write definitions on Vocabulary Test. A test will be given over take-home reader on Thursday. A selection test will be given Friday over The Empty Pot.

Math:  We're completing Chapter 8 this week on how to tell time and graphs.  This week we will begin Chapter 9 and will be studying measurement. Please continue to help your child learn addition and subtraction facts.

Spelling: (Suffixes –er, -est) Please help your child study the following spelling words.  A pretest will be given on Wednesday and a final test will be given on Friday.  If a student makes 100% on Wednesday, they do not have to take the test again on Friday.  (This includes challenge words.)

Spelling Words 

Basic Words:  higher, highest, slower, slowest, happier, sillier, bigger, silliest, biggest, happiest

Challenge Words:  successor, swarmed, ashamed, worthy, admire, courage

Handwriting:  Students should be applying good handwriting practices in daily work.

Language:   We will be studying (Forms of Be Verbs).  Students will be learning how to use the following verbs correctly:  am, is, are, was, and were. Friday we will begin studying Forms of Have.

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